'Mu:con Online 2020 Ending Notice'

Hello, this is the MU:CON 2020 operations team. 

This is an announcement to officially declare the end of MU:CON 2020.


We would like to thank the musicians for their fantastic showcases as well as the music officials and the fans from around the world for their constant support and encouragement despite the difficulties caused by the ongoing pandemic.


Please look forward to the next MU:CON festival in 2021.  

Thank you again for taking part in MU:CON Online 2020. 



*You can watch the music conference and showcase on demand through our homepage and via the KOCCA MUSIC Youtube channel.



*Delegate membership and registration will be suspended, profiles can be modified or deleted only by those who have previously registered as Delegates.

(If you maintain your delegate registration, you will receive news about MU:CON 2021 via your email)