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Warner Music


  • Country JAPAN
  • Music Genre Hiphop


CHANMINA rose to fame by participating in the Japanese rap battle program 'High School RAP Championship.' She is renowned for her exceptional talents in songwriting, music composition, track production and choreography. After debuting in Japan in 2017, she ventured into the Korean music scene with the release of her digital single 'Don't go (feat. ASH ISLAND)' in 2022. In March 2023, she held a highly successful solo concert at Yokohama Arena, followed by a captivating performance at 'Waterbomb Japan' in July 2023, which further solidified her connection with fans.

Owing to her immense popularity among teenagers and young adults, CHANMINA boasts a remarkable achievement with over 300 million total views on her YouTube channel. As a representative artist of Generation Z, she is one of the most prominent artists domestically and internationally.


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