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Sam Kim

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Sam Kim

  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Ballad, R&B/Soul
  • Member Sam Kim


An artist with unique groove and soulful vocal.
Sam Kim, has been showcasing his one-of-a-kind music with dynamic guitar riffs and emotional yet powerful voice.
As a singer-songwriter, he has consistently showcased his exceptional talent in composition and writing lyrics.
In his 2018 album "Sun And Moon," Sam Kim demonstrated his producing abilities by taking on the entire creative process,
including writing the lyrics, composing and overseeing the overall arrangements.
Starting with the highly praised single "The Juice" released in 2021, he participated in various drama soundtracks like "Love Me Like That" and "Summer Rain," creating a significant impact internationally.
He has also actively collaborated with international musicians, such as "Raisa" from Indonesia, “Mew Suppasit" from Thailand and "R3HAB" from the Netherlands.


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