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Tasty shop

Tasty shop

  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre POP
  • Member Kang Joung hye(DRUMS)

    Do Je hyun(VOCAL)

    Joo Ji ho(BASS)

    Han Seung-mok(KEYBOARD)

    Jung Woo-kyun(GUITAR)
  • Position Vocal / Drum / Bass


The band that is to your taste, ‘Tasty Shop’ is an indie band with Do Je hyun (Vocals), Joo Ji ho (Bass), and Kang Joung hye (Drums) as its members. The band ‘Tasty Shop’ that sings about common subjects and experiences with uplifting melodies tries to describe and recount inner feelings that are complex and painful while outward appearances seem fine and they create music through which listeners can discover their true feelings.

The band took their first step into the indie scene by winning the grand prize at the Chungnam Music Factory’s album production support project ‘I’M A MUSICIAN.’ They have been gaining popularity by expanding their music career by participating in events such as GWMF 2022 and Kyungrockjeol 2022, winning the Excellence Award at the Korean Culture Month 2021, making it into top 20 at the Indiestance 2021, making it into the final at All Star Musician Festival 2020, and making it into top 20 at Muse On 2019. Through their single album [Blue Christmas] released in 2021 in collaboration with the lyric writer ‘Lee Seuran,’ the band has been displaying their new look with the name ‘Tasty Shop’ and pursuing their own unique shades of music across various genres beyond just the acoustic music that they used to stick to.


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