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Lee soyeon BAND

Lee soyeon BAND

  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Classical pop
  • Member Lee So-yeon(Vocal & Violin)


    Kim Su-yu(Guitar)

    Kim Sung-ha(Drum)

    Kim Dong-cheol(Bass)

    Park Gun-woo(Cello)

    Yoon Ja-young(Bandonion)


So-yeon plays sentimental music that is old-world but modern at the same time.

Having left her former group, she has transformed herself into a singer-song writer who not only writes lyrics but also composes, edits, and sings her songs. She also plays instruments including bandonion and violin and presents her own shades of music as a musician ‘Lee So-yeon’.
She plays pop music that has classical elements. The sentimental melodies with lyrics that tug at the heartstrings are delivered in classical performances as she plays on the bandonion, violin, and acoustic guitar.
Bandonion is a musical instrument that has a lyrical vibe and a classical sentiment that complements the violin. Her album that is a nice blend of lyrical and classical pop music played with these instruments was selected as one of the winners at an album production support project.
Currently, she is continuing her career as a professional lyric writer, vocalist, and singer-song writer.


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