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Luli Lee


Luli Lee

  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Rock / Metal / Electronica
  • Member Luli Lee
  • Position Vocal & Guitar


Luli Lee, a singer-song writer who plays the bass made her debut in 2011 as a bassist of Bye Bye Badman. While performing in the SXSW in 2016 and continuing her music career in an indie band, she started her solo career in 2018 and released her first EP , which received favorable responses from her fans. She’s been steadily releasing her single albums.

The delicate and rhythmic charms of her music have unknowingly permeated our lives, and one of the best known examples is her song ‘Fantasy’ used as a commercial song for the cosmetic brand ‘Hera.’ Also, her live performances of ‘Dive’ at the Naver Onstage and ‘Ashby Road’ at the CJ Azit scored more than one million views, all of which contributed to her establishing herself as a solo artist ‘Luli Lee.’ With active promotion of short-form contents, she’s gaining more and more fans from overseas countries and receiving much attention.


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