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We Dance

Beeline Records

We Dance

  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Indie Dance
  • Member Wevo(Vocal)



‘We Dance.’

‘We Dance’ must be the band with the most intuitive name in the Korean music history. This unique duo consists of ‘Wegui’ who plays the ‘gui’tar in ‘We’ Dance and ‘Wevo’ who does ‘vo’cals in ‘We’ Dance has built up their music career in a way that has never been tried by anyone in the 21st century. The band that had no interest in easy methods and banal things has produced more than 80 songs in their own ways that are proactive and experimental while rejecting music streaming and conventional album production processes.
In the meantime, the band was invited to not only domestic festivals but also famous overseas festivals such as ‘Fuji Rock Festival,’ ‘Primavera Sound,’ and ‘Big Sounds Festival’ through which they met their fans from all around the world including those in Spain, France, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


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