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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Art pop / Electronic


Cacophony debuted with her album ‘Harmony [和]’ commemorating the death of her mother, and her powerful music fascinated people all around the world when it was introduced through K-Pop channels and the media in Korea. Her next album ‘Dream [夢]’ also surprised audiences with her appealing voice and was nominated for the Best Pop Album in the Korean Music Awards.

Cacophony’s voice may seem somewhat reminiscent of despair. However, it does not just stay in despair. Cacophony sings about tomorrow through despair. Flowers that have come into bloom in adversity look more beautiful. Cacophony re-establishes the world through destruction and consoles those in grief.

She believes the line ‘Breathe and sing within me’ from the lyrics of her song ‘Breath’ on her first album. She believes that her mother who passed away is still breathing and singing within her. She looks at her past and future as being interconnected and that is why this life is so precious for her. She does everything on her own such as writing lyrics, composing, arranging, and producing her songs, and releases an album every year, which shows how hard she is working on her music.


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