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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Rock / Indie
  • Member Jang Kyungmin

    Kim Ho

    Jung Minhyuk

    Oh Isaac


The band got the inspiration for their name from the firm ‘Lacuna’ that erases your memory in the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine.’ As the name implies, the band ‘Lacuna’ adopts powerful band sounds that resonate like colorful dreams of a summer night. The four boys of the same age convey the vivid colors of youth with their fantastic performances on stage and their ingenious songs based on British rock that are fashioned harmoniously with poetic lyrics.

Since their debut in December 2018 with the EP [Incompleteness Dream], they’ve released four EP albums and various compilation albums. The band also showed their potential to be great performers at festivals by participating in the Grand Mint Festival 2019 and the Beautiful Mint Life 2022. Based on their new music direction shown in their EP [Summer Tales] released in February, the band has been vigorously building up their career by participating in various concerts and the Mnet band survival show ‘Great Seoul Invasion.’


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