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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre ROCK
  • Member Seol Hoseung

    Kim Doyeon

    Lee Hanbin

    Oh Myeongsuk


SURL made its debut in 2018 with ‘Stay Here’ and emerged as one of the leading bands representing the Z generation with its EP [Aren’t You?] released in the same year. They came into the spotlight by winning the Gold Prize at the ‘2018 Shinhan Card Rookie Project’ and the Excellence Award of the ‘EBS Hello Rookie of the Year’ and also getting selected as an artist in ‘MUSE On’ and ‘TuneUp.’

With its subsequent albums, the band started to get recognized as talented musicians, receiving a lot of attention from overseas countries and released its single album [Don’t Say NO] in collaboration with the hip-hop musician Jay Park. They also hosted the festival ‘Young & Alive’ where young music artists from different genres perform with the motto ‘Interaction of artists,’ proving that there are no limits to what the band can do.

In 2022, the band successfully finished their showcase performance in ‘SXSW 2022’ in US and started to establish itself as a global band. With a lot of anticipation from their fans, SURL is about to release their first full album to show their deepened musicality and share their own stories.


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