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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Electro Pop / Synth Pop / K-Pop
  • Member Jenyer


    Monster No.9


PRSN is an electronic K-Pop band that was formed by singer song-writer “Jun Ji-yoon” who was a member of the girl group ‘4Minute,’ DJ “Allzwell” who has established his career at big domestic and overseas festivals and clubs such as UMF, WDF, and Octagon, and the producer “Monster no. 9” who collaborated with many K-Pop artists such as RM (BTS), Ha Sung-woon (Wanna One), Joy (Red Velvet), and Chang jung Im.

PRSNT (Present), just like the name suggests, was formed to bestow musical presents or gifts on their fans. The band has released seven single albums and one EP album so far, and participated in MU:CON 2019, Busan One Asia Festival, and Dancing Chameleon.


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