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Vanilla Mousse

keiz music (Label)

Vanilla Mousse

  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Indie / Pop
  • Member Arim (Vocal)

    Sungho Lee (Guitar)


Hello! We are the band ‘Vanilla Mousse’ that features two members, Arim on Vocals and Lee Sung-ho on Guitar. Since our debut in 2015 with the Acid Pop “Love Reissue,” we have released 21 single and full albums performing at both domestic and overseas music festivals, on TV programs and at concerts embracing a variety of genres of music such as pop, city pop, and jazz.

With our concert in Japan in 2016 being very successful, we made our debut in Japan in 2019 with our single “Egao Aru Youni” that was made in Japanese, and which was loved more than we expected in the Line Music and Apple Music streaming services.

Lee Sung-ho studied music in the Tokyo Muse Academy in 2005 and got scouted by the Stardust Promotion, one of the biggest music promotion companies in Japan. With this company, he mainly composed songs for local idols such as SKE48 along with many other activities related to production and performances, and the song “Sansei kawaii” he composed ranked first in the Oricon Chart.

Because of the reduced work schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he started to do the K-Pop Acoustic Cover on YouTube in 2020, and his YouTube channel “keiz music” currently in operation has more than 19,600 subscribers.


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