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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Electronic / Ambient
  • Member ITTA




The TENGGER is a family of artists on a trip. Korean ‘Itta’ (Indian Harmonium, Voice) and Japanese ‘Marqido’ (Synthesizer, Electronics) originally started as the duo called ‘Ten (10)’ in 2005 and evolved into TENGGER, the meaning of which is ‘Indefinite sky without boundaries,’ in Mongolian with the birth of their child RAAI (Voice, Synthesizer, Dance performances *10 years old). Based in Seoul, Korea, they have been freely travelling all around the globe to experience and absorb each country’s culture, ideas, traditional music, indie music, arts, dance, films, plays, and other genres of art first hand. Drawing upon their research on the relationship between space and audience and sounds, they’ve been producing their own music and media art. Every member of the family is keen to learn about various cultures in different environments as travelers while gaining recognition as a band that reflects their opinions on the environment and spiritual world in their work. The band has started to attract attention in the global music scene where diversity has become a keyword.


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