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9001(Ninety O One)

Amuse Entertainment

9001(Ninety O One)

  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Indie / Rock
  • Member Jo Jang-kwan / Jo Gon (vocals, guitar)
    Oh Ju-won (Bass)
    Ahn Eui-gun (Drums)
    Kim Won-woo (Keyboards)


The band 9001 (the name of the band connotes the vivid memories of those born in the 1990s) was formed in 2017 by Jo Gon (Vocals & Guitar) and his alumni at Howon University including Ju-won (Bass), Eui-gun (Drums), and Won-woo (Keyboards).

The music of the band 9001 evokes empathy from a lot of people with lyrics that capture the feelings of the band members in their everyday life and that narrate realistic life stories about our youth.

The band 9001 released their first album [Plastic Love] in January 2022 followed by their second and third albums [Zinnia] and [Unforgettable] released in March. The band released their fourth and fifth albums [No Destination] and [Weirdo] in April and May, respectively, and their sixth album [I was a Hero] in June. Finishing up their regular monthly project that has been continued since January 2022, the band is in preparation to put together a mini album in the second half of the year.

The band was selected as an artist of MUSE On 2022 and has been raising their profile as an emerging band that is receiving lots of attention in the Indie scene.


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