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Amuse Entertainment


  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Member Jo Gon/Cho Jang-gwan
    Ju Won/Oh Ju-won
    Ui Geon/ An Ui-geon
    Won Woo/Kim Won-woo


9001 (Ninety-One) is a band that was formed in 2017 when all the members met at Howon University and initially debuted under the name Oyster. In 2018, they won a silver award in the Shinhan Card Rookie Project, which brought them initial recognition. They gained further attention when they appeared on JTBC's "Super Band."
In 2021, the group changed their name from Oyster to 9001 and released their first album, "Words I Don't Have in My Heart," in January 2022. They continued to release monthly project albums, including "Backilhong," "Unforgettable," "No Destination," "Weirdo," and "I was a Hero." In October, they released the single album "Mannequin" as they continue their activities as an emerging band.
The group name, 9001 (Ninety-One), represents the English spelling of the Korean word for oyster ("gool"), which was their original group name. It also carries the meaning of being a band that embodies the eternal memories of those born in the '90s.
9001's music resonates with many people through its lyrics that captures the everyday moments in people’s life. With their latest release of the song "Upside Down" in May and ongoing active promotions into 2023, 9001 (Ninety-One) continues to explore new genres while maintaining their unique identity as a well-rounded band with diverse colors like a rainbow.


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