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The Bowls

The Bowls

  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Pop / Rock
  • Member Gunho Seo (Vocal,Guitar)

    Junsung Park (Guitar)

    Hyunsup Yoon (Bass)

    Haksu Lee (Drum)

    Sunghyun Lim (Keyboard)


The band was formed by seniors and juniors of the same middle school band club in the Hongdae area. Centered around Seo Gun-ho on vocals and guitar, Park Jun-sung (Guitar) and Yoon Hyun-sup (Bass) joined the team. While they continued playing music out of pure enjoyment, they brought in Lee Hak-su who plays the drums and Lim Sung-hyun who plays the keyboards to finally form the current band. They started playing in clubs in Hongdae from 2013 when they were still high schoolers who were snooping around clubs after school dreaming about becoming a professional band. They finally released their first EP album [The Ballad Of Bowlin' Bowls] in 2015, officially making their debut in the music scene. They had continuously released EP and single albums until they started to receive attention with their two full albums [If We Live Without Romance] and [If We Love Without Romance] in 2019. Out of their albums, [If We Live Without Romance] was nominated for the Best Rock Album in the Korean Music Awards in the following year. In 2022, they released their third album [Blast From The Past] after two years of elaborate work and have been vigorously performing in their solo live concerts and at various festivals.


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