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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Pop, Indie, Rap


nerd in a club, campus, everywhere...!’

‘nerdina’ is a musician who first showed up in a Korean TV program called ‘High School Rapper’ in 2017. He put his mind to his first album for during his army afterwork. After finishing his duty of staff sergeant,

he released a debut EP [Delicate Daydream] in May, 2022. He is well known for the sincere, nerdy lyrics written in English. Also making catchy melody that fits in several genres such as Hip Hop, Punk, POP etc. He is bilingual and also a versatile independent artist. He has a special intuitive sense working on his project with the people he selected.

He is always a risk taker and also heavy thinker. He has been recently nominated as a 'Rising Artist 2023' in the magazine of the well-known Korean music platform 'MELON'.


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