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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Member Seol Hoseung (Vocal, Guitar)
    Lee Hanbin (Bass)
    Oh Myeongsuk (Drums)
    Kim Doyeon (Guitar)


SURL is a four-member Korean indie rock band that offers a refreshing take on the genre's typical type. They created genre-blended hits through collaborations with famous Korean hip-hop musicians such as Jay Park and Hash Swan and built a global career by performing at overseas festivals in Canada, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. Last year, SURL represented Korea at the '2022 SXSW Music Showcase' (USA). In April 2023, they successfully finished North American Tour.

In 2022, SURL raised their profile by appearing on Mnet's band survival program "Great Seoul Invasion" where they finished in second place. In October, they also released their first full-length album [of us]. After their new release, they went on a national tour of 6 cities in Korea.

Furthermore, in April 2023, SURL held a North American tour in 13 cities,
including U.S. and Canada, which attracted attention in the global market.


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