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Hardboiled Music


  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Member Sungsoo Lee
    Bokyung Choi
    Sukje Woo


HarryBigButton is an intense and edgy post-hard rock band that pursues vintage yet modern sounds. Led by Lee Seong-su, the band delivers sensual and groove-heavy hard rock through high-quality performances. The core of HarryBigButton's music lies in their powerful guitar riffs and deep, charismatic vocals in a low to mid-range.
Their first full-length album, King's Life, released in October 2012, received high acclaim not only in Korea but also from overseas critics. Despite being a hard rock genre, both the first and second pressings of the album was sold out in just five days.
Since 2017, HarryBigButton has been actively performing domestically and abroad, including eight Russian tours, participation in a Taiwanese festival, and a tour in Germany. As of 2023, the band is preparing for their next full-length album, scheduled to be released in the summer.


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