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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre POP / Modern Rock
  • Member Oh Saem

    Jung Da-woon

    Sung ha Kim

    Lee Hyung-gu
  • Position Vocal / Drums / Guitar


HeMeets started their music career with the release of their EP ‘Cecil Hotel’ in 2016, and the team was reorganized into the current foursome in 2018. Since then, they have performed in many festivals inside and outside of the country such as Busan International Rock Festival and Hong Kong Indie Band Fair.
Each member of HeMeets is working as a session musician in various performance venues, and the vocalist Oh Saem made it to the final in the contest ‘Miss Trot.’
HeMeets has Oh Saem (Vocals), Lee Hyung-gu (guitar), Jung Da-woon (bass), and Sung ha Kim (drums) as its members.

The name of the band ‘HeMeets’ literally means that ‘he meets,’ but as it is an incomplete sentence without an object, it conveys the band’s philosophy that their music can only become complete when it meets listeners. That is, the name implies that the band communicates with people with their music.


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