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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Math Rock / Post Rock / Pop
  • Member Dyon Joo (Vocal/Guitar)

    Dafne (Guitar/Producer)

    SEI (Bass)

    Minsuh (Drum)


The most exquisite healing of loss

The band ‘cotoba’ expresses the sentiment of loss using music pieces with harmonies inspired by physically built-up unconventional beats and jazz, and leads the listeners to have their loss healed and recovered. The lyrical melodies with pop elements that are loaded on the elaborately composed performance as well as the poetic lyrics that embody loneliness and desire to overcome it make it possible for their songs to achieve popularity and musicality at the same time. Deliberately directed stage costumes and makeups on top of enthusiastic performances present the audience with moments of immersion.

The band received a lot of attention from the math rock fans from home and overseas when they appeared on the NAVER ONSTAGE 2.0 and recorded 800,000 views. They had a lot of overseas concerts before the Pandemic swept the world, and now focus more on domestic venues, successfully recording continued sold-out events.

The have released one EP album every year since 2019, and their second EP ‘Name of the Seasons’ was nominated for the Best Rock Music at the 18th Korean Music Awards. The album was also selected as the Album of the Year in several media inside and outside of the country.
Their first full album ‘4pricoøt’ was released in April 2022 in Korean and Japan, where the album was welcomed by the listeners from the home of the genre.

The band is well aware of the need for our society to live in harmony with our natural environment and tries to make positive impacts on the world around us. In line with this, they took charge of the music for the Greenpeace Marine Protected Area Designation Campaign video. The band is also making preparations for a concert with the themes of veganism and sign language. The band merchandise such as vegan soaps and tea bags they manufactured as part of such efforts have received favorable responses.

Since new members joined the band in the spring of 2022, there has been a lot of anticipation regarding the band’s new look and more vigorous performances.


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