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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Alternative / Chill / Rock
  • Member Yang Seung Yeon/BETHEBLUE (Vocal)

    Park Seong Ho (Guitar)

    Lee Jeong Yeol (Drum)

    Choi Jun Young (Bass)


The band ‘87dance’ is a band that sings about reality in fantasy and debuted in 2019 with their first album ‘Palchilldance.’

The band that realizes dreamy sounds with subtle mysteries has been developing and bolstering their career by releasing several EP ad single albums.

Especially, the title song of their debut album ‘Without Get Drink’ gained more popularity when it was included in the Poclanos’ third compilation album. Their first showcase that took place upon the release of their EP [Soldout smile] in January 2022 signaled the start of their vigorous career as musicians.

Their performances and song lyrics that have a unique softness and subtle seriousness induce listeners gradually to become charmed and enchanted, which features characterize the band. They have been presenting various kinds of music with NewTro sounds and Lo-Fi and chill atmosphere.


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