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T9-H Entertainment


  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre POP
  • Member DAYE



D'allant is a duo with the concept of 『“Space reconnaissance patrol” on spacewalks exploring the solar system』.

Their music genre is based on pop and retro music of the 80s and 90s. However, they also use classical music and jazz to express broad themes that fit their cosmic worldview and always present an interesting report (music album) of their exploration.

All the songs are made by DAYE (Vocals) and Pizza Fairy themselves, and all the instruments including guitar, bass, and drums are played by Pizza Fairy.

These special talents of D'allant were exclusively covered in K-WORLD, one of the biggest K-Wave magazines in Europe and introduced to French-speaking countries as K-Pop top news.

* Albums: 1 full album, 3 EP albums, 3 single albums
* Main activities: Seoul Forest Jazz Festival 2021, Live On 2021 & 2022, Muse On 2021, Young Mic 2021, MBC (2PM Date with Muzie and Ahn Young Mi), KBS Cool FM Radio (STATION Z),
MBC App Entertainment show – Appearance and Live performance on Tak Jae hoon’s ‘The Godfather’ (ep1, ep10)’


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