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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Member Kim Ji-ae (Guitar & Vocals)

    Lee Seung-hyun (Drums)

    Lee Yo-seb (Guitar)

    Noh Keo-hyun (Bass)


Dabda is a rock band that performs based in Seoul with Kim Ji-ae (Guitar/Vocals), Lee Seung-hyun (Drums), Lee Yo-seb (Guitar), and Noh Keo-hyun (Bass) as its members. The band released an EP [Island of Each] in 2016 and their full album [But, All The Shining Things Are] in 2020. Through these albums, the band established their own mode of expression ‘Pastel Psychedelic,’ and succeeded in achieving their goal 100% within a day of the start of crowdfunding for the production of their first full album.

The band gained attention from media such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stone Japan in 2021 when they released their single album [Jungle Gym] in collaboration with Takashi Kashikura and Mino Takaaki, members of the globally popular Japanese rock band ‘toe.’

Dabda embodies a bright image that unfolds like a dream using their poetic lyrics and skillful instrument playing techniques. They repeatedly use complex rhythmic structures and guitar riffs and enjoy making continuous detours before reaching the end of a song by using the sounds of post-rock and math rock and sensitively reacting to any change in the structure of music. Their explosive live performances make the audience completely immerse themselves in it, feeling like time has gone so fast.


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