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Tripper Sound


  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Jazz-Fusion
  • Member Jinny Kim

    Seulki Song

    Sunmi Shin


A-FUZZ is a Jazz Fusion Instrumental band consists of three female members that has, unusually for a band of this sort, a friendly appeal to the public.

With their first EP [Fading Lights] released in March 2015, they have emerged as one of the most noticeable musicians in the year of their debut by winning the Gold Prize of the EBS Space GongGam ‘Hello Rookie of the Year 2015’ and the Excellence Award of the ‘2015 K-Rookies’ hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency. They also participated in the ‘MU:CON’ hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency and collaborated with world leading producer ‘Dave Cleveland.’

Receiving favorable comments like “the most talented young guitarist I’ve recently met,” “the band has transformed boring fusion jazz into something sublime with their mature performances,” this band has been delighting the public with their excellent performances of different genres of music by adding funk rhythms and rock sounds to jazz music in a manner that emphasizes the improvisational skills of each member.

The band has been demonstrating their passion for creativity by releasing one full album, four mini albums, and nine single albums so far. They also participated in the Seoul Jazz Festival, Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, and Ubud Village Jazz Festival in Bali, Indonesia, and held their solo concert and a concert tour in Beijing, China.


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