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EGO Group


  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Indie / R&B


Grizzly has been making music that embraces various genres in collaboration with many different artists such as ‘Chungha,’ ‘Coogie,’ and ‘Jang Pil-soon,’ thus breaking down the barriers of genres.

Among many others, his song 'Beige Coat' released last January entered the music charts of various genres of music streaming sites and recorded 3.6 million accumulated streams in Melon. The song ‘One minute later (23:59)' entered the real-time charts of various music streaming sites and still is on an upward trend and achieving good results in online music websites.

Besides, he has been demonstrating his talent in performances by participating in not only domestic festivals such as ‘Beautiful Mint Life’ and ‘Grand Mint Festival’ but also through his solo concert ‘I’m not a GRIZZLY’ in London in 2018.

Grizzly has a good understanding of MU:CON because of his participation in MU:CON 2019 and 2021. The MU:CON 2022 will be a great chance for Grizzly to show how much he has evolved since the last showcase performance based on various endeavors and steady work.


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