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Cosmic Music


  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre Modern Rock
  • Member NAMU (Vocal, Guitar)

    Myung je Woo (Bass, Chorus)

    Sun jae WOO (Guitar, Chorus)


The band ‘Bye Bye Sea,’ one of the leading modern rock bands in Korean, features Namu (Vocals, Guitar), Woo Sun-jae (Guitar), and Woo Myung-je as members and released their first EP album in 2009. The band is loved and admired for its unique songs that have distinct emotional melodies.

They have been trying to engage in and perform a broad spectrum of genres of music to embody the sea that changes from being calm to being stormy.

One of their songs ‘Star Shower’ from their debut album [Boy’s Universe] has been used in many commercials, movies, and TV programs and has led to the band becoming better known to the public. The band has been vigorously performing at famous domestic music festivals such as ‘Grand Mint Festival,’ ‘Jisan Valley Rock Festival,’ and ‘Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival.’

In the midst of their steady music career which has seen the release of five full albums, one EP album and four singles, the band is now on a concert tour visiting Los Angeles, Groveland, Nashville, Atlanta, and New Your Lincoln Center.


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