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  • Country KOREA
  • Music Genre R&B / SOUL / ALTERNATIVE
  • Member kang-hun Sim (Vocal, Trumpet)

    Beom-ho Lee (Guitar)

    Seo-won Go (Keyboard, Synth, Trumpet)

    Yoo-dong Shin (Bass)

    Se-hun Jang (Drums)


JACKINGCONG happened to catch the sounds ‘Jack King Kong’ while they were trying to express the rhythms they were pursuing, and that’s how they chose their team name. Their music adds substance to this name that may sound cheerful and light.
The band maintains their music in a consistent and secure manner by enhancing their teamwork. Rather than selecting only a few genres that can define them, this band is playing their music in their own way at this very moment.
Centered around Sim Kang-hun (Vocals, Trumpet), his high school seniors Lee Beom-ho (Guitar) and Go Seo-won (Keyboards, Synthesizer), his friend from university Shin Yoo-dong (Bass), and his military band colleague Jang Se-hun (Drums) who joined the band in 2019, the band has released two EP albums, one full album and five singles while broadening their music range by attending various performances.


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