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Creativemind Inc.

Lee, Jong Hyun

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    Creativemind Inc.



    AI Music Composition Service


    The developer of the AI music composer, “EvoM”

    - Korea’s first-ever AI music composer, EvoM (Evolutionary Music Composition), was launched in 2016 and has gone through ongoing technological development. Now EvoM is equipped with song-writing abilities that are comparable to professionally trained human composers.
    - Developed with proprietary technology, EvoM is recognized as a world-class AI engine and has accumulated empirical data through its activities from various sources such as concertos, app services, streaming, and YouTube.
    - In particular, MUSIA and MUSIA ONE, real-time music generators, have been launched and are in operation, and are showing high growth rates at home and abroad.
    - With the EvoM engine having reached a sufficient level of technological/empirical maturity, the company is actively promoting the commercialization of AI music in the enormous 45 trillion won music industry.