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글로벌 산업의 뮤직 슈퍼바이징 / Music Supervision in the Global Economy

Matt Nelson / 매트 넬슨 Music Supervisor, Found Objects Music Productions
2019-10-01 15:15 ~ 16:05

매트 넬슨(Matt Nelson)은 파운드 오브젝트 뮤직 프로덕션(Found Objects Music Productions)의 제작국장(Head of Production)이다.

매트 넬슨은 Nintendo Wii U의 글로벌 출시 캠페인의 음악 라이선싱, Shick의 ‘Rock Your Legs’ 캠페인, TNT/R29 채널의 Shatterbox Anthology 단

편 “One Cambodian Family”와 앞으로 개봉할 영화 ‘Man in the Woods’ 등의 주요 슈퍼바이징 경력과 르브론 제임스와 DRAM이 출연한 Sprite의 광고 캠페인 ‘#WannaSprite Cranberry’의 트랙 제작 등의 주요 경력을 보유하고 있다.


Matt Nelson is Head of Production and Music Supervisor at Found Objects Music Productions. As Head of Production at Found Objects Music Productions, Matt leverages his creative agency experience, network of music professionals, and expertise in audio production work flows to effectively bring clients’ visions to life. His knowledge and passion for exploring creative ways to solve his clients challenges will help him lead the charge of development in a new stage of Found Objects’ creative services.”

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