마틴스미스 Martin Smith

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마틴 스미스는 보컬과 기타의 전태원과 보컬의 정혁으로 구성된 트렌디한 팝 음악을 추구하는 싱어송라이터 듀오입니다.
'Mnet 슈퍼스타 K7’에서 ‘Maroon 5’의 ‘Sunday morning’, ‘빅뱅’의 ‘Loser’, ‘Pharrell Williams’의 ‘Happy’ 등을 자신들만의 스타일로 편곡해 음악적인 역량을 보여주었고 심사위원들로부터 ‘음악 할 줄 안다’, ‘완성도 높은 팀이다’는 호평을 받았으며 다양한 실력을 어필해 Top 5에 들며 많은 사랑을 받았습니다.
2019년 8월 마틴 스미스가 제작한 앨범 ‘비밀' 을 발매 했으며, 발매 후 방송 및 라디오, 페스티벌 등 활발한 활동을 펼치고 있습니다.


Martin Smith consists of vocalist 정혁 and guitarist-(sub)vocalist 전태원.
The two singer-songwriters pursue trendy pop music.
They participated in the audition program 'Superstar K 7(Mnet)' and gave excellent performances, re-arranging 'Sunday Morning' by 'Maroon 5', 'Loser' by 'Big Bang', 'Happy' by 'Pharrell Williams' and so on in their own style. Their performances won high praise from the judges who commented as follows: "You two really know how to perform music.", "This team is well-established and of high quality." Many people loved their interpretations, which led them to rank in top 5.


Their first (studio) album "It's secret", produced by themselves, was released in August 2019. Since then, they have appeared in many shows from radio to TV, as well as in festivals.

  • 2019-10-01 20:30~21:00

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