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'초록빛 사랑꾼', R&B/Soul 기반의 프로듀서이자 싱어송라이터 LambC(램씨).
2015년 10월 싱글 [The Herd]로 데뷔한 그는, 박지민, 최정윤, 이민혁, 다린 등 다양한 가수들의 프로듀싱 작업에 참여하며 싱어송라이터 뿐 아니라 프로듀서, 엔지니어로서의 역량을 인정받고 있다.
2017년, EP [Absence ‘Side A’], [Absence ‘Side B’], [Absence ‘Side C’] 발표
2018년, [Absence ‘Side D’] 를 발표하며 시리즈 EP를 마무리했다. 이 앨범을 통해 ‘신인이지만 완성도 높은 곡’이라는 호평을 받았다.
그는 지난 5월, 상반기 프로젝트의 완성체 앨범 [Green is the new Black]을 발매하며 하반기에도 꾸준히 활동을 이어나갈 예정이다.
음악의 장르와 형식에 제한을 받지 않는 그는, 앞으로가 더욱 기대되는 뮤지션이다.


LambC is mostly well known as a Singer-songwriter/Producer, whilst he majored and graduated in 'Music Production & Engineering' at Berklee College of Music.

He currently bases himself in South Korea but more of his childhood and learning years were from the States and South East Asia.
LambC participated in the production and performances of various Artists which includes Park Ji-min, Choi Jung-yoon, Lee Min-hyuk and many more showing his competence as a singer-songwriter as well as a Producer and Engineer.
In addition, his song "Love Like That" has gained huge popularity on YouTube, drawing attention Internationally.
LambC recently released his project album [Green is the new Black] to celebrate an end to his first half of the year. ,The album earned him the nickmame "Green Lover.“


  • 2019-10-03 21:30~21:45

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