DTSQ 디티에스큐

DTSQ는 2013년 서울에서 결성 된 락 밴드이다. 동시대의 영미권 인디 밴드들에게 많은 영향을 받았으며, 단순히 그 행보를 동경하고 쫓기만 하는게 아닌, 그들과 같은 선상에서 경력을 쌓아간다. 결성 이후 1장의 EP앨범과 1장의 정규 앨범을 발매 하였으며, 수백번이 넘는 라이브 공연과, 지속적인 해외 투어를 통해 그 이름을 서서히 세계 곳곳으로 알리고 있다.


DTSQ is a strong cocktail with heavy shots of various genres such as blues, punk, electronic, psychedelic, jazz and pop. Formed in 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. They started their career as synth-punk band but their diversity of music tastes kept pushing them to change their musical direction. On the last day of 2017, They dropped their first full-length album ‘Neon-Coloured Milky Way’. In comparison with their first EP, The album sound has changed a lot. That’s because after releasing the EP, They started to listen to psych-rock, Its bizarre sound and unpredictable song-structure gave them completely new and fresh ideas which they had never had before. On top of that, inspired by all of the records they truly love, they continue collecting the building blocks to form the DTSQ-shaped empire.


  • Oct 03, 2019 19:40~20:10

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