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APB Ent. APB Ent.

2013년 남성 9인조로 데뷔 후 2015년까지 활발한 국내외 활동을 해왔으며, 2017년 베타, 감마, 엡실론 4명의 멤버에 새 멤버 '카파'의 영입 후 싱글 '원해' 발매 후 국내외 행사 및 유럽투어 등을 진행하며 활발히 활동 하던 중 2018년 새 멤버 '람다' 의 영입을 통해 5인조 완전체 모습을 갖춘 후 싱글 '신세계', 'Fly' 등을 발매하며 꾸준한 활동을 이어가고 있다.


Since his debut as a nine-member male group in 2013, he has been active at home and abroad until 2015, and recruited new member "Kappa" to four members of Beta, Gamma and Epsilon in 2017. After the release of the single "Wanna get your love," he was active in domestic and international events and European tours, and added a new member, "Rambda," in 2018. After having a full five-member , they have continued steady activities by releasing their singles "New Way" and "Fly."


  • 2019-10-01 19:50~20:05

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