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매직스트로베리 사운드 Magic Strawberry Sound

Wet+er, 직역하여 ‘적시는 사람’. 록 페스티벌에서 땀에 젖도록 공연을 즐기던 관객들을 보며 지은 밴드명이다. 보컬(최원빈), 기타(채지호), 베이스(정지훈), 드럼(허진혁)으로 구성된 4인조 록밴드로 2016년 11월 싱글 [who]로 데뷔했다.
이후 [ROMANCE IN A WEIRD WORLD], [We’ve lost, what now?] 두 장의 미니앨범을 비롯해 꾸준한 작업물들을 선보이며, 웨터 만의 솔직하고 스타일리시한 록 음악으로 주목받았다. 최근 싱글 앨범 [꼰대] 발매와 함께 5월 영국 투어를 마치며, 2019년의 왕성한 활동을 이어오고 있다.


Wet+er, a person who makes a person wet in direct translation. This is the name of the band that was built after watching the audiences who enjoyed the performance to get sweaty at the rock festival. It debuted with the single [who] in November 2016 with a four-member rock band composed of vocals (Choi Won-Vin), guitar (Chae Ji-ho), bass (Jung Ji-hoon), and drums (Heo Jin-hyuck).

Since then, [ROMANCE IN A WEIRD WORLD] and [We've lost, what now?] have shown a steady stream of works, including two mini-albums, and have drawn attention for their own honest and stylish rock music. With the recent release of the single album [GGONDAE], she has continued her prolific career in 2019 as she wrapped up her tour in Britain in May.


  • Sep 30, 2019

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