Seoul International
Music Fair

September 30th ~ October 3rd

@Gangnam COEX Center

MU:CON 2019 Conference Program Overview

  1. MU:CON Conference

    The MU:CON Conference spotlights a dynamic range of international music industry insiders sharing their expertise and experience on the latest music industry trends, issues, and ideas via a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions.
  2. MU:CON Pitching Sessions

    Pitching Session introduces latest projects from range of experts from local and international music industry including music festivals, booking agencies, digital music platforms, startups, and international government agencies providing essential information about international music business.
  3. MU:CON Choice Interview

    The MU:CON Pitching & Choice provides local music artists and management companies with an excellent opportunity to meet top music festival directors/booking agents from around the world for a series of insightful 1:1 information sessions about the ways and means to not only improve their access to international music events but also increase their chances of success in international music markets.
  4. MU:CON Matchmaking

    The MU:CON Matchmaking brings local and global music industry executives together for a series of engaging 1:1 business meetings and networking events to encourage the exploration and cultivate the expansion of local, regional, and global music business relationships.

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